Beauty, Resistance and Style Inside a Bell Canvas Tent

Beauty, Resistance and Style Inside a Bell Canvas Tent

There are many different options when it comes to choosing an outdoor all-season tent. However, one model that is quickly gaining popularity is a canvas bell tent. This unique style of tent is suitable for both camping and events and has a lot of unique benefits to it. Find out what makes bell tents so fantastic and why they are perfectly suited for most activities.

Easy Set-Up and Disassembly

When you go camping or are preparing for an event, the last thing you want to do is spend a significant chunk of time trying to set it up. But with a canvas bell tent, set-up is incredibly easy and takes only a small fraction of the time that most other tents require. The same can be said for the disassembly as well.

Bell tents provide plenty of room stretch out, even when inside of the tent.

Spacious Interior

Unlike other tents, which sometimes grossly exaggerate the number of people that can fit inside of it, a canvas bell tent is truly as roomy as it claims to be. It is not hard to find a bell tent that can easily and comfortably sleep over six people at once. So instead of cramming everyone into several small and cramped tents, you can get everyone together in one glamorous canvas bell tent.

Durable Material

While many bell tents come in basic cotton material, it is also possible to find some made with Army Duck Canvas FR (flame retardant) fabric. This material is incredibly durable and has one of the highest tear-resistance of any tent fabric. So you can feel confident that your stylish all-season tent will be able to survive whatever is thrown at it.

All of this and more is why a canvas bell tent is such a great purchase.