Benefits of Camping in a Canvas Tent

Benefits of Camping in a Wall Tent

Do you want protection when camping? Choose a canvas tent!

After a cabin in the woods or a house at the beach, a canvas tent is the most convenient for the outdoors because it provides protection, is transportable, lightweight, and is a manageable size.

During the summer, many campers enjoy the comfort and durability in a canvas tent.

During Elk season, many hunters prefer a wall tent to avoid having to take their trailers over the mountains after a snowstorm or traveling through traffic on a messy highway.

Here are some advantages of a canvas over a trailer

  • Lightweight
  • Cost
  • No registration or insurance needed
  • Fits in the trunk of any car because it is compacted to store
  • Easy to set up on a flat or steep site
  • Wood stoves are useable inside the wall tent

Popular choices

The Colorado Wall Tent

Our flagship canvas wall tent, The Colorado Wall Tent, is a tried-and-true descendant of our classic Woodsman Tent. The Colorado Wall Tent is a favorite for hunting, outfitting, and anyone wanting a reliable and comfortable base camp. The Colorado Wall Tent has evolved over the years from hundreds of suggestions from professional outfitters and guides who realize a tent is more than just a place to sleep. Our Colorado Wall Tent has a legacy and history all its own. Our canvas wall tents stand the test of time and will give you many, many years of memories and use.

Maroon Bell Tent

The Maroon Bell Tent is our newest design. Our Maroon Bell Tent is a portable yurt that is easy to put up with just one middle pole and doorway framework. Designed with ease of use in mind and our high standards, our bell tent is the only one manufactured in the USA and made with 3′ walls. Designed for luxury and comfort, the Maroon Bell Tent has been field-tested under diverse conditions and has outperformed our expectations. For those looking for a spacious tent that is easy to erect but gives you a lot of room to stretch out, this is your tent.

Maroon Bell Tent