Celebrate Thanksgiving Outdoors

Bundle up your kids and grandparents and celebrate Thanksgiving outdoors. You could do it in your very own backyard, under an event tent that can keep guests warm and dry no matter the weather. You could also do it in the wilderness, bringing food from home or cooking it onsite and renting some canopies for the occasion. Ignore the groaning and moaning from your teenagers. There’s nothing as enjoyable as celebrating Thanksgiving in the fresh air. Just make sure you have some hot drinks on hand.

Best Event Tents for Any Celebration

denver tent 19 300x300 - Celebrate Thanksgiving Outdoors!

Awnings help to protect you from rain, snow, hail, and much more—perfect for Thanksgiving outdoors.

If you’ve never used event tents before, you might not know that there have been incredible advances in tent manufacturing technology in the last few years. You can find a tent that seals well but still offers ventilation. You can find a tent with durable stakes to stand up against the wind, along with tents that can keep your family warm and dry even in very wet conditions. If you’re planning to celebrate outdoors, then you need a canvas event tent that can meet the brief.

Get Out of the Routine with an Outdoor Dinner

This year, you have the opportunity to do everything differently. So why not break the mold of previous years and do your holiday dinner outdoors? You might discover that your family just needed a little nudge to get out of their comfort zone. The conversation could take on a whole new life as people share what’s going on in their lives across generations. If you hold your outdoor dinner in the wilderness, you can even get teens off their phones and chatting with their grandparents. Make sure you bring a trash receptacle so that you don’t leave any waste behind. 

If you need some advice on outdoor canopies for your upcoming dinner, contact us for help. We love helping families plan their next adventure.