Choose the Right Food for Camping

Choose the Right Food for Camping

What food should you take on a camping trip?

When you go camping for a long time, you should be very careful with the food you carry and its handling.

  • Food will be better preserved in the winter than summer because of the temperature.
  • If camping in a regulated place, you will have all the comforts, such as access to electricity, refrigeration, and close access to grocery stores.
  • Everything is complicated if you opt for a slightly less conventional type of camping, like free camping or a multi-day mountain expedition with overnight stays in tents.
  • If camping for only one night, it is easier to keep food hot or cold.
  • If camping for more than one day, it is necessary to plan the type of food to be taken, the maintenance, how to cook it, and the utensils needed.
  • Choose foods based on their maintenance, especially concerning the temperature.
  • Weight should also be taken into account if it is excessive and requires difficult transport.
  • Food must meet the nutritional needs and give energy for daily activities and camping adventures.

Food Examples

1) Rice and dry pasta: very appropriate for energy and combining with many types of canned food.

2) Canned foods: legumes, vegetables, fish in oil, corned beef. They are long-lasting but weigh a lot, and once opened should be consumed. They do not need refrigeration.

3) Dehydrated foods: soups and powdered milk.

4) Nuts and chocolate: store in airtight plastic containers or bags.    

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