Hunters Only? True or false

Canvas Wall Tents are for for Hunters Only  <FALSE>

But they definitely have it right, canvas wall tents are the way to go for car camping for more than a day or so.

1.  SPACE - you can stand while putting on your pants

2.  CREATURE COMFORTS - you can have cots, stoves, gear and more

3.  NOT STUFFY - because it is canvas and not nylon, yep, it breaths

4.  STURDY FRAME - no worries of your aluminum poles breaking or giving out in a wind storm (we are not talking about hurricane force winds, but you get the idea)

5.  3-4 SEASON USE - cold days/nights, you can fire up the stove!

So if you have never stayed in a canvas tent, we suggest you do, it may change your outlook on camping especially with the family!