Places to Camp and Practice Winter Sports in the USA

Where to Camp and participate in Winter sports

In the United States, several places offer pleasant alternatives for winter sports practice.

Also, many of these sites provide camping in a tent, which is an ideal complement to enjoy sports and nature.

Below is a list of some excellent choices

  1.  Wisconsin: It is located in the midwest of the country, and is known for skiing. In Wisconsin, you can find more than 640 miles of trails, which are very well maintained and special for winter sports, such as hiking. Granite Peak in Wausau, Cascade Mountain between Madison and Wisconsin, or Devil’s Head in Merrimac are excellent alternatives to visit if you are passing through this state.winter camping trip e1509034758110 300x300 - Places to Camp and Practice Winter Sports in the USA
  2.  Montana: This state is located in the western part of the country and has many places where visitors can fully enjoy winter sports.
  3.  California: This place is not just beautiful beaches, sun, and sea. It also offers areas for winter sports. Mammoth Mountain, the High Sierra peaks, snowy Yosemite spots, and the beauty of Lake Tahoe are an excellent choice for snow sports enthusiasts.
  4.  Colorado: It is located in the west, and is characterized by having the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains. It has innumerable places for skiing and snowboarding, as well as the practice of other winter sports. Like the other sites, there are places specially equipped to set up a tent camp.
  5.  Wyoming: It is a region that is characterized by plains and presents excellent alternatives for skiing and snowboarding. Jackson Hole Mountain, in addition to Grand Targhee, Teton Mountains, these places, among others, present attractions for snow lovers and winter sports.

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