Prepare the Site Before Putting Up the Tent

Set Up Camp In the Great Outdoors

There are many reasons to go camping and be with Mother Nature. It’s good for your physical health and stress relief. It’s important to learn some simple tips in order to be safe and comfortable and fully enjoy the great outdoors.

Pick a place

In the USA, there are hundreds of campgrounds to choose from, like national parks, state parks, and other campsites around the country. Find out what amenities are provided; most sites have grills, and some have showers and even Wi-Fi! Remember to call ahead and reserve a spot, especially in the summer, and watch out for campgrounds that are safe.

Set up camp23 - Prepare the Site Before Putting Up the Tent

The best place to set up camp in most areas will be generally flat, not too bumpy, and with good drainage. It’s not a good idea to set up a tent on a steep slope for obvious reasons. However, if it rains, it is better to camp on higher ground to avoid the water to pool beneath you. You can also use a tent cover. It’s usually better to setup in spots that are smooth, level, and relatively free of vegetation Why? In the first place, it’s better not to be the tallest thing around in case of a thunderstorm. Before setting up your tent, be sure to clear the area of any big rocks, branches, or twigs to make the ground more comfortable to lie on. Choose a place that is close enough to run water for easy access when washing dishes, showering, or filling up water bottles.

Protect your food from animal invaders

Bring a cooler with enough ice to keep food away from animals and from spoiling. The easier option is to bring non-perishable foods. Many companies offer freeze-dried meals that are lightweight and easy to prepare, but you can also bring other non-perishable foods like pasta and rice.