Teepee Tents

For many people, a teepee is something unknown. The term “teepee” means “to live,” they are the oldest tents in history. The North American Indians built this type of tent on the plains, occupied them, and used them as a refuge.

The colors of the teepees were generally neutral, to go unnoticed, and to be able to camouflage themselves from other tribes.

denver tent 16 300x300 - Teepee TentsThe Indian tribes were sometimes numerous, and they were moving from one place to another, so they occupied tents that were easy to assemble and disarm, in addition to being light to transport, the tribes were nomadic.

The teepees blend with the environment, so it was unlikely that wild animals would attack them.

The tents were made of bison skin, because of the smell they gave off, it also scared away wild animals.

The skin kept warm in the winter and was cool in the summer.

Currently, teepees are manufactured with different materials but maintain the retro style of the time.

Characteristics of teepee tents

1) The cone structure system allows more people to accommodate the circular base.denver tent 20 300x300 - Teepee Tents

2) Due to its cone shape, in the rainy season, water slides through the tent, and the interior does not get wet.

3) It has a conical structure, which from a distance looks like a pyramid.

4) Some of the most current models of tepees have some extra attachment, such as a small roof at the entrance or windows with mosquito nets.

5) It has ventilation in the central area, which helps condense the heat inside.

6) The teepee tents are easy to assemble, are made with waterproof fibers, and maintain their original shape.

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