Teepee Tents: A Great Choice

Tents that are comfortable and easy to set up

Colorado Range Tent

A teepee, characterized by its shape, was used by the Native Americans. They made them from animal skins, mainly the bison, but currently, they make them from other types of materials.

Colorado Range Tent aka Teepee tents are an attraction for the family, and not just because of their design.

They are casual tents to use for camping when the weather is good.

You can also use them in home gardens as rest or play areas.

Teepee tents retain the same conical shape, with a round, hexagonal or octagonal base.

They have a structure in the center, made of fiberglass and steel.

Teepees can reach 11.5 feet tall; however, the height difference between the sides of the base and the highest part is very considerable.

Features of a Teepee

  1.  Shapes are conical, hexagonal, or octagonal
  2. Capacity is for up to 12 people
  3.  Has no rooms but an ample common space
  4.  Ventilation is acceptable
  5.  Weight varies according to size and materials
  6.  Heights range from 8.25 to 11.50 feet
  7.  Easy to assemble

THE COLORADO RANGE TENT by Denver Tent Company

As seen in the 2015 September issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine, the Colorado Range Tent (Cowboy Tipi) has been in our catalog since 1916! Its proven design is the continued choice of the working ranch cowboy. It is also popular with campers who want a tent that sets up very easily and quickly. It has proven to be an excellent shelter in bad weather. The Colorado Range Tent is supported with an external pole set, or the peak can be hung from a tree limb.