The Many Mental Health Benefits of Camping

Camping is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the healing energies of nature. No matter how spiritual you are (or aren’t), there’s no denying that spending time in nature is relaxing. Many people report feeling rejuvenated after just ten minutes outdoors. If you can set aside a night or a weekend to go camping, you’ll reap some serious mental health benefits.

Mental health benefits of camping

The fresh air can bring a flush to your cheeks—but it also helps activate your nervous system. When you go camping, you’ll probably do a bit of exploring and hiking. Even if you sit at your campsite all day and read a book, the fresh air continues to cleanse your system. This results in better sleep. Many people in modern society struggle with getting enough sleep. It’s understandable. We’re surrounded by beeping and blinking devices that distract us from rest. In nature, it’s easy to sleep peacefully and wake up in a good mood. ust make sure you bring some coffee or tea for the early mornings when the sun wakes you up before 7 AM.

Unplugging helps decrease stress levels

Picture a typical Friday night at home. You’re watching a show on Netflix while texting a friend and researching gifts for your friends. That’s hard on your immune system! Overstimulation is hard to escape when you’re at home. But unplugging from social media is one of the best benefits of camping. You can pick up your tent, pack a few sandwiches, and leave the 24-hour news cycle behind. This helps decrease your stress levels by regulating your nervous systems. Body and mind are connected, after all. The mental health benefits of camping start with the physical benefits, which include reduced stress and better sleep.

Stay hydrated, keep going to therapy, and take yourself camping to maintain your mental health. Contact us for a great tent and then head out for some fresh air and a rejuvenating wilderness experience.