What to Look For On A High-Quality Canvas Tent

What to Look For On A High-Quality Canvas Tent

As you search for a high-quality canvas tent, you don’t want to settle for just any product that is sitting on the shelf at a local outdoor store. You want a Colorado tent that is comfortable, durable, and safe. You want to find a canvas tent that offers the protection you need, as well as ample space.

As you search for the perfect high-quality canvas tent, here are a few factors to consider.


One of the biggest factors should be durability. You want your canvas tent to withstand all outdoor conditions from torrential downpours to rough winds. You shouldn’t have to worry about damage happening to your tent or your tent falling apart.


How much space does your tent offer? Is there ample space for your entire family? For all of your equipment? The best canvas tents will provide adequate space for many individuals as well as their belongings. Additionally, some of the best products, such as wall tents or bell tents, feature tall walls, making it easy to stand and move around your Colorado tent with ease.


As you do your research there are several things to consider.

1.  Metal components vs. plastic (metal will last longer)

2.  High quality Army Duck Canvas

3.  Tooth Grommets vs. Rolled Grommets (tooth will 'bite' into the canvas)

4.  Vinyl for Flooring and Sod Cloth vs. Tarp Material (tarp material will rip)

5.  High End - no -see-um screen

As you look for the best canvas tent, consider products from well-established and highly-reputable manufacturers.

The Manufacturer

You don’t want to purchase a canvas tent from just anyone. You want to purchase a tent from top manufacturers. The best manufacturers take pride in their work. They ensure all products meet the highest quality of materials and the best techniques and procedures are used to ensure the tents are well made.

Environmentally Thoughtful

As we look to companies to be sustainable and environmentally conscience, what is the impact of the products on the environment.  Is the manufacturing sustainable, the fabric earth friendly?