Best Places to Deer Hunt in the USA

Guide for hunting deer

There are many places where deer live, and there are several different species of deer.

There are some places that deer populations are extensive, such as Colorado and Wyoming, which are deer hunting grounds, and where hunters pay a lower price for licenses.
The largest population of deer is located in the Rocky Mountains.
The best-known species in North America are elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, caribous, and Canadian deer. These species can be found in greater quantities in the Columbia Range between Alberta and British Columbia.
In California, there are lots of deer; you can see them even eating in gardens of houses.
When the food increases in these places, more deer arrive, and hunting increases illegally.
It is very difficult for people and deer to coexist when they get used to places where there is food. Then illegal hunters take advantage.
A big problem for any area where these animals are located is Lyme disease, also known as borreliosis. It seems that in these places, the risk of contracting the disease is much higher since people can get it through deer ticks.
There are regulations for deer hunting, and these are strict in terms of the number of pieces, the season, and the species that can be hunted at certain times.
An important issue is to obtain a hunting license, which generally applies for a specific time.
In places like the Rocky Mountains, there are specialized spots to set up hunting camps, places for mobile homes, or cabins. Hunters visit these places during hunting times.

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