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Now offering The Original ArctiCreeL Tackle Pocket for all your fishing needs!  We created this product after receiving great feedback from our ArctiCreeL customers who wanted a solution for carrying their tackle gear and their ArctiCreeL easily.  The Tackle Pocket attaches to both sizes of The ArctiCreeL for convenient carrying and ease of mind while enjoying your fishing trip.  


The ArctiCreeL Tackle Pockets are cut and sewn by hand out of the best material available, right here in the USA.  The Tackle Pocket is 7" x 12"


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Features and Materials 

100% Flax (Belgian Linen)

We source our Flax/Linen from Belgium to ensure the highest quality.  This material has unique properties that allow it to hold lots of moisture when soaked and will slowly evaporate which has a cooling effect on the inside of the ArctiCreeL Tackle Pocket.

Vinyl lining

The interior of the ArctiCreeL Tackle Pocket is lined with clear vinyl to keep the outer linen material clean and your contents inside dry. 

Nickel plated hardware

All of the metal hardware used in the ArctiCreeL Tackle Pocket is nickel plated to resist corrosion and wear.

YKK zippers

#8 YKK Zippers are used for closing the Tackle Pocket

Poly-vinyl thread

High-end, self-sealing poly-vinyl thread.  Expands after getting wet to fill holes in from sewing process

Snap Hooks

Our ArctiCreeL Tackle Pocket is fitted with nickel plated snap hooks that line up with the d-rings on The ArctiCreeL for easy access while not getting in the way. 


Keep the ArctiCreeL soaked while in use

By keeping the outside of your ArctiCreeL soaked with water at all times while it is in use it will keep your fish in excellent 'just out of water' condition.  The outside covering is made of flax (linen) which absorbs and holds a great deal of moisture.  The evaporation which takes place on the outside surface of the ArctiCreeL greatly reduces the temperature within the creel, keeping the fish cool and solid at all times.  The material in the outside covering is the same as that which is used in the Desert Water Bags and the cooling process through evaporation which has long been appreciated in a water bag is the same.  

The clear vinyl lining

The ArctiCreeL being lined with a plastic Vinyl film which is absolutely moisture-proof keeps the fish dry at all times even though the outside surface of the creel has absorbed considerable moisture.  The Vinyl film lining being non-absorbent can be readily cleaned with a minimum effort after each trip, thus ensuring a sweet fresh creel at all times!


Never store your ArctiCreeL when it is wet or damp. A creel that is stored when still damp can cause mildew.


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In addition to our warranty, we will repair any Colorado Tent Company product forever at a discounted rate.  We routinely repair 20-30+ year-old tents.


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