Canvas Sterilizing Hose (Steam Hose)

Canvas Sterilizing Hose (Steam Hose)

For sterilizing flower/vegetable beds - a simple, quick and efficient method to get complete sterilization with minimum labor and no harmful pesticides or chemicals.  Our 6" diameter steam hose, made of 14.90 oz Duck Canvas, with 0.25" eyelets every 12", distributes the steam evenly and completely through the entire bed from end to end.

Perfect for organic farming!  No chemicals.  No PVC pipes.  100% natural materials, handmade in Denver, Colorado.

From the Department of Agriculture : 

"The marked benefits secured from soil sterilization are due largely to the destruction of plant diseases, insects, and weed seeds harbored in the soil and to the increased soil fertility which usually accompanies the treatment."

This product is also available without eyelets, in different diameters, and in whatever length fits your needs.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need a size not found here.  Priced at $6/foot. Contact us at : or 303-399-3232

Size 50 Feet
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