Weight Bag

Weight Bag

Hand Made Weight Bag 

This bag is meant to be filled with sand and used as a weight for a variety of purposes including as a tent anchor, a tarp anchor, or whatever else you need to secure using a weighted bag.  We have sold these bags to industries including brick mills, construction companies, and many more.

Bag includes 6 holes, 4 of which are grommeted and 2 of which are standalone.  Meant to be folded over twice and looped through all 6 holes for a secure latch.

Made of 18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl and hand sewn, this bag will outlast the cheap versions you will find elsewhere.  With our bags, you won't need to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Shown in a blue vinyl, we have many vinyl colors and weights to choose from.  If you are interested in colors or weights not shown here, please reach out for assistance in getting exactly what you need.


Specifications : 

Material : 18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl

Grommets : #4 Grommets to allow for a variety of sizes of bungees or ropes to be tied in easily

Dimensions : 18.5" Height, 8.5" Width, 5" Diameter (roughly)

Color Blue
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