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Cowboy Tipi Pole Set


The Cowboy Tipi Pole Set is made by hand, using 100% USA sourced materials.  We use a durable hardwood dowel at 1 1/4" diameter to ensure your pole set can withstand the elements.  The crown section is assembled for the Cowboy Tipi to hang from the carabiner.  Comes with a canvas carrying bag. 

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    Features and Materials

    Wood Dowels

    1 14" Hardwood dowels, typically red oak, maple, or cherry (Made in USA)


    6061 T Aluminum couplers provide great strength and resistance to environmental conditions

    Wood Finish

    Wood is treated with weather resistant finish

    Crown Section

    The Crown section of the frame includes a heavy duty zinc-plated steel carabiner and zin-plated bolt, washers, and nut

    Pole Bag

    Canvas Pole bag with cinch strap closures (Add dimensions) ($65 value)

    We recommend two people to assemble all of our Colorado Tents

    Assembly Instructions & Helpful Hints


    We recommend re-applying either a wood stain or olive oil every season or every other season to keep your Cowboy Tipi Pole Set ready for the elements.


    Never store your tent when it is wet or damp. A tent that is stored when still damp will cause mildew.


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    5-Year Warranty for Manufacturing Defects


    Five-year warranty covers manufacturing defects.  It does not cover normal wear and tear or catastrophic events (hail, wind, etc.).  Warranty includes one free repair within the warranty time-period.  We don't expect you to have any issues within this time, but we recommend bringing your tent in before your warranty expires to take advantage of your free repair! 


    Warranty applies for temporary use only.  If tent is used as permanent structure, there is a 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.


    In addition to our warranty, we will repair any Colorado Tent Company product forever at a discounted rate.  We routinely repair 20-30+ year-old tents.


    If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, we will accept unused items for full refund within 30 days of receipt of goods.


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