Spring Break? Camping in the Grand Canyon


The best way to enjoy nature in the Grand Canyon is camping!

The overwhelming immensity of the Grand Canyon attracts thousands of tourists every year to visit this magnificent spectacle. There are many activities for participation in this majestic place. As much as you try to describe how big the Canyon is, you can’t imagine its immensity, you have to see it, and the feeling you get is inexpressible in words!

Take a camping trip to the Grand Canyon

There are many options to stay there, but for adventurers and nature lovers, the best way is to camp. There are two edges, the south rim that is the most visited and the north rim, which is more isolated but equally spectacular. There are about 200 miles between them, and there is a road connecting the two edges.

One camping tent option, inside the Grand Canyon National Park, is at the Mather Campground.

This site is located in the Grand Canyon Village. This place is a spectacular site surrounded by forests with pine trees and junipers. The camping site provides tables and chairs, showers, and a barbecue pit. Usually, campsites must be booked in advance to guarantee a place, especially in the summer season. This procedure is not necessary for winter. Many times reservations can be made online. Keep in mind that here, you have to respect nature to the fullest. It is a spectacle of beauty, observing the wildlife like deer, rabbits, squirrels, and numerous species of birds.

Why should you go camping?

Since camping is a different world, it allows the enjoyment of beautiful views, starry nights, wild animals and plants, and the sounds of silence! Give yourself this opportunity, and you won’t regret it. It’s a time of relaxation and fun. Camping means quality time with your family, friends, or even with yourself.  After the trip, you will be stress-free and ready to go back to reality.  Have fun, and enjoy your surroundings!

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