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It has always been hard for mankind, for both men and women to take advise from someone who already lived an experience. Even though we may have already been warned or have read about a specific situation, we still tend to be too hard headed to take the advise and use it to our advantage. We rather go through the hoops and experience whatever situation in our own skin, be it a good one or a bad one. That being said, there are people who like to heed the voice of reason, who will pay attention to other people’s previous experiences. By this he or she will be able to avoid problems before they happen and will also be able to foresee issues to come. The Smart Camper’s Voice wants to bring useful information to campers all around, from useful tips to basic camping information. By providing readers with useful data, it strive to help them create beautiful memories instead of negative ones.
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Check the Radar

Mother Nature likes to surprise us any time she can, from early spring showers to snowfalls in summer. Weather condition may vary from a sunny morning to a rainy afternoon. From heavy snowfalls to majestic sunsets late in the day. The clearest night sky may be full of storm clouds in a matter of hours or even minutes. These are just examples of how weather conditions can change and for that reason, any smart camper should always check the local weather of the location he is planning on camping at. This will ensure no nasty surprises from Mother Nature, El Niño or any other weather phenomenons we didn’t account for.

Double check your List

A common issue campers have to confront all the time is forgotten equipment. From a cooking casserole to the mallet used for securing the tent’s pegs, it happens all the time and it will happen to you if you are not careful. Patiently sit down the day before you take off on your camping trip, and write down all the articles you are going to need. Five basic lists are the ones you should take into consideration. They are your tent, sleeping, campsite, kitchen campsite and the security and health check list. Once you have your list ready, you can now start packing. Tips such as these and the many more we will provide in further blogs, will help your camping trip be the success it is meant to be.