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Our Johnny Tent has been in our catalog since the early 1900’s and we recently brought it back into production, with some improvements.  Made using the same tried and true techniques of our Colorado Tent, the Johnny Tent comes standard with 2 half moon windows on the sides, a triangle window on the back, and a skylight on the top for added light and stargazing at night!  The front has a zipper opening for easy access.  Each of the side windows has an interior canvas flap for privacy. 

The Johnny Tent comes standard with a vinyl clip-in floor and is 4’x4’ with a 7’ entrance and 6’ back wall.

Frame Included
Frame Included
Frame Included
Frame Included
Frame Included
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I Have My Own Frame
I Have My Own Frame
I Have My Own Frame
I Have My Own Frame
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Features & Materials


3" Heavy Duty Webbing sewn into all eaves, ridge corners and peaks.

1.5" Heavy Duty Webbing sewn into grommet hem.


Double grommets along eaves for added security.

Grommets along base for staking down.

Spurred/Rolled Rim Grommets are superior to any other grommet.

Zip-up Canvas Door

Allows for easy entry/exit and near complete opening of doorway.  Ties are included to hold the door open.

Windows and Flaps

Skylight on roof made of clear vinyl

Half-moon windows on each side

Triangle back window

Canvas flaps zip close inside and have ropes to secure flap when open.  Flaps allow for privacy.

No-Seeum screen windows

Phifer Fiberglass 20x20 No-SeeUm Screen - Silvergray color

Army Duck or Numbered Duck Cotton Canvas

Army Duck canvas is 100% cotton and is weaved with double-fill yarn making it stronger and more durable than its single-fill counterpart.  Numbered Duck is made with a double-fill yarn also but has a lower thread count than Army Duck –a great 100% cotton canvas for tent making.  Treated with Sunforger Water Repellant, Mold and Mildew Resistance, and Fire-Retardant.

Poly-Vinyl Thread

High-end, self-sealing poly-vinyl thread.  Expands after getting wet to fill holes in canvas from sewing


Canvas bag for Tent, frame, and floor



1 3/8" 16-gauge galvanized steel

Couplers / fittings

14-gauge galvanized steel with eyebolt tighteners

Rubber feet

Rubber feet for all legs, reinforced with metal washer - ensures sod cloth does not tear and keeps dirt out when in the field 

Painted for assembly

All frame pieces painted to aid in assembly:

Red = Legs, White = Ridges, Blue = Rafters

Pole bag

Vinyl Pole bag with cinch straps (dims) ($60 value)

Coupler bag

Canvas Coupler bag with vinyl bottom and drawstring closure (dims) ($75 value)

Baseplates (add-on)

14-gauge galvanized steel baseplates for added stability or securing frame to platform.

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We recommend two people to assemble all of our Colorado Tents

Assembly Instructions & Helpful Hints


We do not recommend that you waterproof your tent. Canvas allows our tents to “breathe”. If waterproofing products are applied, it will seal the tent up like paint.  If your tent can no longer breathe, condensation will become a problem, especially if using a stove.

First time in rain/moisture:

The seams of a new tent often leak the first time they are subjected to moisture.  It will take a few exposures/soakings to shrink the needle holes tightly against the thread.  To minimize this possible leakage, we advise customers set up new tents and soak the seams with a hose several times, allowing the tent to dry thoroughly between soakings.  If this procedure is not practical for your situation, we then suggest that you arrange your tent so nothing sits under the seam that may be a problem if it gets wet.  If your tent leaks at a few spots along the seam, you may rub wax or a bar of Ivory soap to fill the stitch holes.  If you apply waterproofing, do so only in the places where it leaks and do not cover the entire tent.  When an old tent starts leaking in the middle of the fabric, far from the seams, it is time to buy a new tent.


Never store your tent when it is wet or damp. A tent that is stored when still damp will cause mildew.

Mold and mildew

Once mold and mildew appear they can be killed but the stain created is difficult to remove.  We recommend using a mold and mildew cleaner once it appears  If you have extensive damage please call us for additional options.


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Shipping details:

Most Tents ship within 1-3 weeks of order.  16x20 and larger tents may take up to 4-8 weeks.

5-Year Warranty for Manufacturing Defects


Five-year warranty covers manufacturing defects.  It does not cover normal wear and tear or catastrophic events (hail, wind, etc.).  Warranty includes one free repair within the warranty time-period.  We don't expect you to have any issues within this time, but we recommend bringing your tent in before your warranty expires to take advantage of your free repair! 


Warranty applies for temporary use only.  If tent is used as permanent structure, there is a 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects.


In addition to our warranty, we will repair any Colorado Tent Company product forever at a discounted rate.  We routinely repair 20-30+ year-old tents.


If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, we will accept unused items for full refund within 30 days of receipt of goods.


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