Boost the Fun with the Correct Party Tent

Boost the Fun with the Correct Party Tent. Be safe, comfortable, and happy in a party tent

Why a party tent is so important

We organized a birthday party for my wife outdoors in the backyard of our house. There were 60 guests. Although it was summertime, we decided to look for a party tent for sale to protect us from the sun since the party started at noon. The awning they offered us complied with the features we needed. We set up tables so that all the guests were comfortably seated with a space to put the bar and serve the drinks to the guests. Also, a place to put a dance floor with enough space for the attendees to enjoy the dance. Space for a DJ to be installed, with all his equipment and speakers. We invited some relatives and friends of the elderly, so we had a place with comfortable armchairs for their stay at the party. At the time of the party, some children attended, therefore, space was left for them to play. The lunch served was buffet style, so it was necessary to have a buffet table to place the containers that kept the food hot, salads, and desserts, in addition to the cutlery and dishes. The internal decoration was crucial, balloons, flowers were placed on the tables and the corners of the awning, a massive happy birthday sign in the center of the space.

As a measure of precaution, we requested an awning with walls, in case the wind speed intensified. That was for the protection of a section of the shelter located towards the west where the sun set.

The biggest surprise we had about 1.30 pm, just when the party started was heavy rain. But thanks to the awning you could enjoy the party despite the rain and the intense summer sun.

Things to take into account before selecting a party tent

  • Number of guests
  • Number of tables and chairs
  • Space to dance
  • Space to set the bar and buffet
  • Time of the year
  • Size of the backyard