Climbing the Rocky Mountains

Climbing the Rocky Mountains

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Learn the language of climbers!

In the Rocky Mountains, there are many places to go climbing, at the novice level and for the more experienced.

For this reason, many of the best climbers come from Colorado.

  • Centennial State has more rocks to climb than any other part of the country and one of the most varied and accessible all year.
  • Some time ago, the experienced climbers taught all the climbing logistics, such as knots, ropework, gear placement, technique, environmental ethics, etc.
  • Currently, there are many people interested in learning about mountain climbing. Now there are controlled environments to start in this sport in some gyms.
  • There is an informative guide with privileged information to explore Centennial State, with practical guidance for newbies or who will start climbing. It is not a substitute for a mentor in real life, but it is a good guide to find your place and people in the world of climbing.bigstock Rock Climber 13813928 e1402693681880 300x300 - Climbing the Rocky Mountains

Here are some of the most used words in the climbing environment

1) Beta: information and advice on a route, or if you have any problem

2) Boulder: climbing large rocks over 20 feet high, or passing the face of rock without ropes.

3) Mooring: the rope and mooring system that prevents a climber from falling.

4) Risco: a specific cliff, with several access routes. Guides often break down climbing destinations such as El Dorado Canyon Park in Colorado.

5) Curling iron: a small grip that climbers use to hook with the fingertips.

6) Quid: most challenging part of climbing.

7) Free Climbing: climb without the help of ropes only using hands, legs, and other parts of the body.

8) Tone: a section of the rock that can be climbed with a single rope.

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