The Language of Denver Tent: Part 2

Additions to a Colorado Wall tent that gives campers security, comfort, and satisfaction!

The Denver Tent Company has a full line of accessory products. Whether we make it or market it from our partners, you can rest assured that we have tested it to ensure the quality before we put it on our shelves.

1. Clip in Floor

Colorado Wall Tent Clip In Floor

Our 18 oz Tan Vinyl clip in floor attached to D Rings along the base and lays over the 9’’ sod cloth.

2.  Fly

Colorado Wall Tent Rain Fly
A Rain Fly goes directly over your tent.  Our fly is made from 13 oz vinyl. You can use side aluminum poles as shown to raise the fly with your guy lines.

3. Steel Frame
cook shack frame 2wnaw5utu6ceedewzzd9fk - The Language of Denver Tent: Part 2
Our Internal Frame is a galvanized steel with 3 and 4-way couplers.
Our external pole system uses adjustable aluminum or steel poles that are placed on the outside walls at each seam.  The Ridge of the tent is held up with steel poles on either end with a ridge pole running between.

4. Extended Fly

wall tent product decoration - The Language of Denver Tent: Part 2

We offer an optional extension to a fly to create a porch area.

5. Front Porch Enclosure
Our Front Porch Enclosure attaches to your existing tent and has canvas and/or velcro panels that are removable.  The enclosure has a steel frame.
customer photos035 - The Language of Denver Tent: Part 2

lodge tent2 e1504228908347 - The Language of Denver Tent: Part 2
6. Baseplates

Colorado Wall Tent Internal Frame Leg Base Plate, Baseplates
We offer baseplates that can screw directly into a wood platform to secure your tent frame.  These base plates can also be used where ground conditions are loose to help keep the frame from sinking into the ground.

The key ingredient to our success and longevity is ultimately you, our customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us and give us your input and thoughts, so we can continue to improve our products and services for you. You can e-mail, call.