Tips for Staying Warm While Winter Camping

Don’t let the naysayers turn you off of winter camping! Winter can be one of the most beautiful seasons for outdoor adventures. Not only do you get to see a world of flora and fauna that’s normally hidden from humanity, but you’re likely to get the backcountry all to yourself. If you’re headed out for a cold-weather adventure, make sure you prepare yourself. This means the right type of equipment to keep yourself warm and fed in low temperatures.

The right tent for winter camping

There are some tents that work better to protect you in cold weather. They’re made from materials that are especially durable and insular. Winter tents keep the damp out and keep your body heat in. Look for a 3-4 season tent made of durable canvas, like Army Duck. There are lots of tips and tricks that experienced winter campers can offer to make your trip more pleasant.

Camping gear for winter camping

Your winter camping gear should include more than just your tent. You’ll also need sleeping bags that are appropriate to the temperature range of your destination Make sure to bring cooking gear that makes sense for your trip, too. Some types of stoves are better for backpacking in the summer when there’s no wind. Other types rely on fuel that’s specifically engineered to be reliable in the cold winter. It’s easy for a winter camping trip to become a disaster if you can’t heat up food.

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