What To Bring When Camping In A Tent

Embarking on a trip where you will be setting up camp each night is an excellent way to get out of the city and enjoy the wildlife. However, if you have never been on a trip of this nature, whether it is hiking or canoeing, you aren’t going to know what type of camping equipment to bring along with you.

When packing for this type of trip, you have to think differently from any other vacation. Space will be limited, so you need to be more discerning and choosing what to bring. 

A crucial part of camping is being prepared!

What To Bring For Your Campsite

While you need to ensure you have the proper clothing and personal items, you also need to think about the campsite. What are you going to cook your food in? Will you need extra seating? Everyone has different approaches when packing camping equipment, and it depends on your personal preferences. 

If you are on a canoe trip or hiking trip, you won’t want to set up too much, as you will be somewhere new each night. A safe approach is to bring one pot and pan for cooking, a bowl and cutlery set per person on the trip, a water filtration bag, a grill for the fire, and perhaps a propane stove if there is a fire ban. 

You can also bring something compact like a hammock to hang from a tree or fold up chairs for lounging around the site; however, these are considered bonus items.

How Much Sleeping Gear?

It would help if you weren’t heading out on a trip with large bulky mattresses. Opt for small, roll-up, self-inflatable pads that you can easily attach to packs. Each person should have their own pad, along with a warm sleeping bag. You can also purchase tiny pillows if you feel it is necessary.

Determining what exactly to bring can be challenging, but if you contact us about any concerns, we will provide you with expert service. We can also help with tent rentals in Colorado.