Characteristics of Teepee Tents

Characteristics of Teepee Tents

Teepee Tent Advantages

  • Teepee-type tents are beautiful for their design and shape.
  • There are several sizes of the teepee, from small for children to a large family-size for 12 people.
  • These tents are unique for children to play in, or for spending a few days camping with the family.
  • Another advantage is the price; it is lower than most other types of family tents.
  • Assembling the tent is very simple, and the ample internal space allows different ways to organize for the whole family comfortably.

Tips for camping in a teepee tent

The best time to use this type of tent is summer and spring.

To avoid insects and protect yourself in case of rain, you should buy a tent that has a bathtub floor. There are other types where the base/floor is not attached to the walls.

Ventilation is excellent, even though the windows are small. To improve the ventilation, open the door.