Visit the Rocky Mountain National Park

Amazing, Rocky Mountains

The rocky mountains offer a different spectacle at each time of the year. In autumn, the spectacle of the colors of nature, in spring, you can observe wildflowers, and in winter, see the blankets of pure white snow.

In the Rocky Mountain National Park, we can observe in all its magnitude that nature offers us.

Planning to camp in this park and also practice some winter sports, including hiking, allows us great enjoyment and being in touch with nature.

  • The park has more than 300 miles of trails, classified as lake, waterfall and mountain trails.
  • There are many options of trails with different degrees of difficulty, and different things to observe.
  • It is crucial to take a guide with the description of the trails and choose the one that best suits your taste and abilities.
  • The famous (0.6 mi) Lake Bear circuit is an open nature trail, while the Trail Ridge Road trail reaches a height of more than 12,000 feet.

    There is another path, the National Panoramic Trail of the Continental Divider, which is a difficult 30-mile path, on which the eastern and western fringe is seen over the tree swoop.

  • Due to the heights found in this park, some precautions should be taken and acclimatized, so as not to have any health problems.


  • You have to go prepared for possible weather changes such as snowfall and take into account safety precautions.
  • You can go hiking in the snow; this requires snowshoeing.
  • Another activity is to ski cross country in the snow.
  • On the Hidden Valley site, you can go sledding on an old ski slope.

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