Secrets Inside a Teepee Tent

Secrets Inside a Teepee Tent- The Colorado Range Tent

Origins and characteristics of the teepee tent

You might think that a teepee tent is just for children to play. But the truth is that it has many uses and benefits.

The Indian teepee was a conical shaped tent with the material used from animal skins, used as housing by the peoples of the Great Plains, in the center of North America.

The teepee’s frame made up of three long posts that form a tripod. They usually covered the frame with buffalo skins, sometimes 20 skins were used, which were tanned and cured, and put on the frame to form a closed circle.

Today, we mainly use teepee-type tents for hunting and camping.

The current teepees, made with canvas and the internal structure with hardwood poles, are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Even though the basic structure is the same as a few years ago, they are now considerably more substantial and comfortable.

Advantages of the teepee tent

  1. Due to the shape and incline, it is perfect for using any time of the year because it is resistant to wind, rain, and snow.
  2. It can last many years if given the appropriate maintenance.
  3. A foundation is not required when assembling.
  4. You can decorate it in many ways, using carpets, wooden flooring, rustic matting, floor tarps, or skins used for the floor.
  5. It is portable and easy to move from one place to another, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  6. Teepee tents have become famous for luxury camps and preferred for glamping.
  7. Teepees are unique for family camping, because of the ample space they have, and the height for adults to stand.
  8. There are also teepees for children, which maintain their shape and structure. These serve as decoration for a children’s party or assemble on the patio of the house for sleeping.