Ideas for Cooking Thanksgiving While Camping

When Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s pretty much the last opportunity you have to enjoy the outdoors without freezing to death. Even so, the weather can get pretty harsh in November so you need to prepare properly. Cooking your Thanksgiving meal while camping is a wonderful way to celebrate the last breath of autumn. It’s a fun way to stay warm outside and mark the changing of the seasons. Plus, the original celebrants of Thanksgiving probably cooked their meals outside, too. Here are some ideas.

What Are Good and Easy Meals?

If you’ve ever been camping in autumn, then you’re probably familiar with the classic methods of cooking over a fire. You can either nestle a pot on the coals, wrap food in foil and tuck it into the coals, bring along a grating to hold a pot or grill food, or do an old-fashioned spit over

longs peak tent package 34 300x200 - Ideas for Cooking Thanksgiving While Camping

Enjoy a nice meal in a canvas tent.

the flames. These are all highly effective ways to cook over a campfire. Most of them do take a bit longer than you’re used to, so keep in mind that you need to keep a close eye on your food since you can’t set a timer. For a classic Thanksgiving meal, you should bring along potatoes, pumpkin pie, turkey, green beans, stuffing ingredients, and gravy. With the exception of the pumpkin pie, most of these dishes can be prepared or at least heated up while camping.

Cook Thanksgiving Dinner on a Campfire

If you’re ready to cook your holiday meal over a campfire, make sure you have a pro fire builder in the family. The flames can’t be too high and you’ll need to set aside some coals for even cooking. Keep in mind that fat drippings can sometimes feed the flames and this can be scary for animals and children. Bring along some foil, some metal cooking utensils, and a hot pad and you’ll be good to go. Finally, make sure you have a place to go nap after your Thanksgiving feast.  Contact us for more information about tents that could work for your family’s outdoor Thanksgiving trip. Just don’t ask us to share our famous stuffing recipe—we’re taking that secret to the grave.